Why Is It Important To Replace a Missing Tooth?

Have you been struggling with tooth decay? Did you need to invest in several fillings that eventually didn’t solve the problem? Did you finally give up and ask your dentist to extract the tooth? Well, the frustration is real and you probably feel like getting the tooth out was good riddance. While this is a viable way to eliminate the problem, there’s more to it. Any missing tooth, although problematic before extraction, was doing more than just bug you.

Evidently, there are other ways that the rest of your teeth could be having a problem now that one or two were extracted. The following post explains this:

The Teeth Surrounding the Missing Tooth

When a gap is left by a missing tooth, the surrounding teeth have a tendency to shift because that tooth is no longer helping to keep everything in line. Ultimately, teeth may become crooked or new gaps may appear between teeth.

Another issue that may occur is super-eruption. The tooth that opposes the site of the missing tooth may start to grow out from its position because it no longer has the opposing tooth to resist it. You may experience sensitivity and other issues around this super-erupted tooth. Fortunately, there are many tooth replacement options:

You’re now probably wondering whether your dental problems are endless. This is especially if you were sure the tooth extraction was the end of your struggles and frequent visits. However, don’t lose heart. You’re better off having the full picture now than getting more disappointments in the future.

As explained in the post, there are several ways to replace a lost tooth. Investing in one of them will also mean avoiding difficulty in chewing, biting, and enjoying your favorite meals. You will also restore your teeth’s alignment and have a normal bite. Additionally, you won’t have to deal with the esteem issues or embarrassment that comes with a missing tooth, especially if it is visible.

Plan for a tooth replacement today. It will be one investment you won’t regret, and you’ll be glad you didn’t ignore the need to go for it as soon as you did!